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Alicante 2

Alicante, Spain

Sun worshippers will relish the opportunity to plan their Spanish getaway to the Costa Blanca. Alicante is a city and port on Spain’s Costa Blanca that’s been inhabited for over 7,000 years. It’s surrounded by beautiful resorts that are just perfect for anyone wanting to get away from it all.

Amsterdam Hero

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam originated in the 12th Century as a small fishing village. The city’s rich history and status as the cultural capital of the Netherlands has seen the iconic 17th Century canals, as well as the Defence Lines of Amsterdam, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. When you’ve finished sightseeing, you can take advantage of Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife.

Barcelona 699x527

Barcelona, Spain

On the Mediterranean coast and with the Serra de Collserola mountain range to the west, Barcelona was originally established as a Roman military camp in 15 BC and has grown to become Spain’s second largest city, as well as the capital of the country’s Catalan community.

Bacau, Romania

Bacau sits on the Btriţa River at the foothills of the stunning Carpathian Mountains, connected to historic Transylvania by the Ghimeş Pass. One of Romania’s cultural centres, there is a puppet theatre sure to delight big and little kids alike, while music lovers will flock to the Mihail Jora Athenaeum and the Philharmonic Orchestra to take in the sounds of Romania.

Belfast 2

Belfast City

When choosing to fly to Belfast City (BHD) from Liverpool John Lennon airport, make sure you plan ahead as there are many great sights to see, activities to enjoy and nightclubs, restaurants and pubs to visit.

Belfast 2

Belfast International

For those looking to take in Belfast’s rich history, few places in the world have better story’s to tell, not to mention a myriad of beautiful views, breath taking landscapes and a nightlife scene that is world renowned.

Bergerac 2

Bergerac, France

Lovers of wine, let Liverpool John Lennon Airport help you realise your dreams and whisk you away to the gorgeous city of Bergerac. If you’re looking to explore the wine country, or simply want a weekend escape with a loved one, we offer regular flights leaving from Liverpool to Bergerac.

Berlin 699x527

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is home to 138 museums and more than 400 art galleries. It even has an area dedicated solely to museums – Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a day of sightseeing, visitors can sit down at a wide variety of restaurants (12 feature in the Michelin Guide). Then it’s time to take in the vibrant nightlife with the city’s many nightclubs.

Bodrum 2

Bodrum, Turkey

The once sleepy coastal town of Bodrum is now a bustling hive of activity, attracting visitors from all over the world due to its beautiful scenery, epic nightlife and of course its fantastic weather.

Bordeaux 699x527

Bordeaux, France

A port city on the Garonne River, Bordeaux is an ancient city with settlements as old as 300 BC. The historic part of the city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the area is also the world’s wine industry capital, with wine having been produced there since around the 8th Century. There are now 287,000 acres of vineyard, 10,000 wine producing châteaux and 13,000 grape growers in the region.

Boston 2

Boston, USA

Although relatively small, with a population of just over 600,000, the largest city in New England offers a variety of sights to see for those experiencing Boston for the first time. With Aer Lingus you can fly from Liverpool Airport to Boston via Dublin which means the USA is right on your doorstep.

Bratislava 699x527

Bratislava, Slovakia

On the banks of the River Danube and River Morava at the foothills of the Little Carpathians, the Slovakian capital has seen settlements there since around 5000 BC. Most of the historical buildings are in the Old Town, which features many baroque palaces. The city also has 18.1 square miles of green space, with the largest city park being Horský Park within the Old Town itself.

Bucharest 2

Bucharest, Romania

On the banks of the Dâmboviţa River, Bucharest became Romania’s capital city in 1862, but was first referenced as early as 1459. Around that time, it was one of the residences of the infamous Vlad the Impaler – the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Budapest 2

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, is fast becoming one of the most visited cities in Europe. With a vast historic background and countless art galleries, museums and theatres to visit.

Carcassonne 2

Carcassonne, France

Carcassonne is a beautiful city with lots to see. Pont-Vieux, for instance, is the oldest and most attractive bridge across the Aude, and one of the only surviving medieval bridges in France. The Basilica of Saint Nazaire and Saint Celse, meanwhile, is one of the oldest churches in the region.

Chicago 699x527

Chicago, USA

Chicago is full of iconic scenery and historic spots and holds something for everyone. From its thriving music scene to its gorgeous architecture right the way to their world famous pizzas, you’ll find Chicago as interesting as it is beautiful.

Cluj 2

Cluj, Romania

As the capital of the legendary region of Transylvania, Cluj is one of the most popular cities in Romania. The second biggest city in the country after the capital, Bucharest, Cluj is famous as Romania’s largest university town and consequently attracts thousands of students and young people.

Hartford 2

Connecticut, USA

Connecticut is the southernmost state in New England, USA, and is classed as the third region in the Tri-State area along with New York and New Jersey. With countless museums, art galleries, aquariums and theatres, it is vital that you plan what you want to see and where you would like to visit before you get there!

Cork 2

Cork, Ireland

Cork was found by Saint Finbarr in the sixth century as a monastic settlement. The beautiful buildings and rich culture of Cork pay testament to this rich history. Foodies should visit the English Market for a taste of local produce.

Londonderry 2

Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Whether you want to catch a football match, sample the city’s gorgeous scenery or discover first hand why this top holiday destination was voted UK City of Culture 2013, you’re sure to find a warm welcome wherever the city takes you.

Dublin 2

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is of course famous for its Guinness and a trip to the Guinness Storehouse is certainly in order so you can sample some of the iconic drink and appreciate amazing views of the city. For whiskey connoisseurs there’s the Old Jameson Distillery, while foodies should look to the Temple Bar Farmer’s Market.

Edinburgh 2

Edinburgh, Scotland

With more than its fair share of museums, galleries and theatres, Edinburgh is the perfect locale for culture vultures, and this is reflected in events around the city. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, takes place every August and is the largest arts festival in the world.

Faro 2

Faro, Portugal

The Algarve itself has a choice of gorgeous resorts that are brilliant for people after a spot of sun worshipping. Lagos is popular for its chilled out beach and 16th century architecture, while Albufeira balances a modern resort with a picturesque old town.

Fuerteventura 699x527

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Set in the Canaries, Fuerteventura is the closest Canary Island to the African Coast, is the second largest Island behind Tenerife and boasts weather conditions similar to that of Florida and Mexico – creating the perfect idyllic holiday destination for the sun worshipper in all of us.

Gdansk 2

Gdansk, Poland

On the Baltic Coast, at the mouth of the Motlawa River, Gdansk is Poland’s principal seaport, and there have been settlements there from as early as 980 AD. With some buildings dating back to the 14th to the 17th Century, this is a truly historic and visually stunning city.

Geneva 2

Geneva, Switzerland

The French speaking city of Geneva is nestled between the stunning Alpine peaks and the rugged terrain of the Jura. A cosmopolitan city that draws tourists, movie stars, and the socially elite from all over the world, Geneva has everything anyone ever needs. 

Gran Canaria 2

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer tourists and locals alike some of the best beaches in the world. whether you want to lounge around all day and soak up the sunshine, surf your heart out or take a jet ski out for an adrenaline fuelled afternoon Gran Canaria has it all and more.

Grenoble 2

Grenoble, France

At the foot of the French Alps, Grenoble sits where the River Drac meets the Isère. Grenoble is an important centre for scientific research in Europe, as well as a hub for winter sports, having been the 1968 host of the Winter Olympics.

Visit Guernsey

Channel Islands, Guernsey

Guernsey is steeped in history with the beautiful harbour, cobbled streets and Regency architecture of St Peter Port just some of the many picturesque highlights. Other attractions include the 800-year-old Castle Cornet which stands guard over the harbour.

Ibiza 699x527

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is famous for its legendary nightlife, focused on Ibiza Town and San Antonio. Every summer famous DJs descend upon the island to play various clubs with a mix of house, trance and techno. The island is also renowned for its Mediterranean cuisine, which specialises in fish and pork dishes. Look out for delicious sweet pastries known as flaons as well.

Isle of Man 699x527

Isle of Man

With plenty to see and do, the Isle of Man presents its visitors with a wide range of historic sites and an impressive collection of museums. The Isle of Man also boasts an impressive nightlife and a huge range of fantastic restaurants serving locally sourced food and drink. It is also arguably the undisputed world class destination for motorsport.

Channel Islands 2

Channel Islands, Jersey

A picturesque town once under German Occupation in WWII, the city is has many great tales to tell and a myriad of opportunities for history buffs to quench their thirst for knowledge. For the surfers, Jersey boasts one of the best surfing spots in Europe, specifically St. Ouen. When the conditions are right, catching a wave here is a must.

Katowice 2

Katowice, Poland

Whilst often overlooked on typical travel itineraries, this European gem is an alternative destination to the hustling tourism in the likes of neighbouring Krakow.

Knock 699x527

Knock, West Ireland

Western Ireland is popular with outdoors enthusiasts for its gorgeous landscape, as well as those fascinated by history, culture and religion.

Kos 2

Kos, Greece

Kos has a rich history going back to ancient times and is thought to be the birthplace of Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’. Now it’s a bustling tourist destination with a number of resorts attracting holidaymakers drawn to the island’s Greek character and sunny weather.

Krakow 699x527

Krakow, Poland

Regularly noted as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Krakow is filled with diverse, stunning architecture, including gothic, renaissance and baroque, as well as Wawel Cathedral, Royal Castle and Saint Mary’s Basilica.

Lanzarote 699x527

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Lanzarote’s Papagayo beach situated in Los Ajaches Nature Reserve is a must see destination featuring breathtakingly beautiful orange sand beach with blue-green waters. For adventure seekers, an off road buggy tour will surely entice. Ride across rugged terrain, volcanic landscapes and hit the beaches whilst you enjoy the ocean breeze on your face.

Lapland, Finland

Finnish Lapland is a gorgeous holiday destination year round. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate winter wonderland experience, have always dreamed of seeing the northern lights in all their glory or want to experience three months of 24 hour sunshine, Lapland has something for everyone.

Larnaca 2

Larnaca, Cyprus

Larnaca’s airport is ideally situated for a range of sunny resorts. Protaras is popular for its rugged coastline and sandy beaches. Visitors can also take boat trips out to the protected nature park, Cape Greco, or go to thee the ghost town of Varosha, which has been deserted since the 1970’s.

Limoges 2

Limoges, France

Limoges sits on the banks of La Vienne and was founded by the Romans in 10 BC. It’s now a famous producer of porcelain, filled with historic buildings, museums and galleries. Visitors will be impressed with the half-timbered medieval houses that can be found along the Rue de la Boucherie, called such as it was lined with butchers’ shops in the middle ages. 

Lisbon 699x527

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, has been inhabited since Neolithic times and is rich in architecture. There are examples of Romanesque, gothic, manueline, baroque, modern and postmodern buildings throughout the city, giving a grand effect.

LA 2

Los Angeles, USA

When you are booking your trip to Los Angeles, choose Liverpool Airport. You are now able to fly to Los Angeles (LAX) from Liverpool Airport via Dublin with Aer Lingus. Call us today on 0800 011 1082 to book your flight from LJLA to LAX.

Madrid 2

Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital is built on the banks of the Manzanares River and has a history that goes back to the Roman Empire. It’s chock full of gorgeous architecture, which can be appreciated from the city’s many squares.

Majorca 699x527

Majorca, Spain

Palma is situated in the south of Majorca overlooking the stunning blue Mediterranean seas and boasts an array of beach clubs to entice the most ardent travellers. Palma is also home to over half the population of Majorca, which means a bustling atmosphere, especially when the annual festivities are held in January (Sant Sebastian) and June (Sant Joan).

Malaga 699x527

Malaga, Spain

The Costa del Sol is full of amazing places to stay. Marbella is the most famous and this glitzy resort has miles of beaches and a decadent nightlife. It also has the highest concentration of Rolls Royce cars in the world.

Malta 699x527


The Republic of Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries and its capital, Valletta, is the smallest in the European Union. But good things come in small parcels and Malta is home to no less than nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Menorca 2

Menorca, Spain

Mahon has been the capital of Menorca since 1721, boasting a rich selection of beautiful 18th century mansions, not to mention the must see Gothic cathedral. Shoppers will be pleased to know that there are many designer label stores adorning the ornate streets as well as a myriad of pretty café’s where you can soak up the sun with a glass of sangria in hand.

Nantes 2

Nantes, France

On the Loire River, Nantes is an ancient community that’s now a thriving cultural hub. It’s not far from the Brittany coastline either, making it a great choice for beach lovers as well.

Naples, Italy

Naples is credited with being home of the pizza. Food lovers should check out Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo for a truly authentic taste. Naples is also known for a variety of other cuisines and is also the birthplace of the popular lemon liqueur, limoncello.

New York 2

New York, USA

New York is just one of the cities you have to see for yourself and a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is so much to see and do, from the gorgeous Gardens of Central Park to testing your fear of heights at the Empire State Building – there are a lifetime of experiences to be had in one day and a huge amount of famous sights to see.

Newquay  2

Newquay, United Kingdom

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Newquay will be surfing – and for good reason. Newquay is one of the world’s best surfing spots located in Cornwall in the south west of England and has loads to offer tourists by way of nightlife, beautiful coastal scenery and the famous Fistral Beach.

Nice 2

Nice, France

Renowned for its glamorous beaches, sun worshippers will be right at home in Nice. But if you fancy a more active approach, many of the beaches offer activities such as volleyball, jet skis and pedalos. Guided walking tours, meanwhile, enable you to take in the sights.

Nimes 699x527

Nimes, France

Between the Mediterranean and the Cévennes Mountains, Nîmes was colonised by the Romans around 28 BC and has one of the largest collections of Roman artefacts in France- and is also the home of denim.

Orlando 699x527

Orlando, USA

Orlando, Florida, has been famous for its theme parks ever since Walt Disney World opened its gates in 1971. The city is also home to Universal Orlando Resort, where you can immerse yourself in the magic of the movies with Universal Studios, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Islands of Adventure, Wet ‘n Wild and lots more. 


Oslo 2

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, was founded around 1000 BC and has developed in a crescent shape on the shore of Oslofjord, with forests and hills surrounding it on other sides, making it a great destination for lovers of outdoor pursuits. 

Paris 2

Paris, France

Known as the City of Love and the City of Light, Paris one of the world’s top tourist destinations, renowned for its contributions to global culture, arts, fashion and cuisine.

Pisa 2

Pisa, Italy

Pisa is located in Tuscany on the bank of the River Arno, and was founded by the Etruscans during the fifth century BC. Of course, Pisa’s most famous landmark is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is in actual fact the bell tower of the Cathedral Duomo, both of which sit in the picturesque Piazza del Duomo. 

Porto 699x527

Porto, Portugal

On the Douro River, Porto is one of the oldest city centres in Europe – so much so that its historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Filled with baroque architecture, there are also hints of neoclassicism and romanticism, making Porto a stunning destination.

Poznan 699x527

Poznan, Poland

On the banks of the Warta River, Poznan is one of the biggest and oldest cities in Poland. A trip to the Old Town will give visitors access to many of the historic buildings and sights with a walk along the Royal-Imperial Route. For more active tourists, a visit to Lake Malta is essential. The manmade lake in the heart of the city is a hive of activity, with ski and sleigh slopes as well as swimming pools and a water park amongst its many attractions.


Prague, Czech Republic

For lovers, artists, musicians, hens and stags, Prague is the ultimate destination. Here at Liverpool John Lennon Airport we have many flights leaving to this stunning holiday destination on a daily basis. Not only is Prague a fantastic choice for singles, travellers and lovers, but a great hive of activity for families looking to enjoy a trip to a city rich in history, culture and breathtaking scenery. For those travelling from the North West of England, Liverpool Airport is the perfect option.

Reus, Spain

For those looking for a relaxing holiday, full of great meals and sangria, Reus is a great destination year round, but the summer is perhaps when this city really comes alive. The vast amount of terrace bars that pop up are great for chilling out and the huge range of restaurants serving scrumptious tapas will surely entertain the most well travelled of culinary palettes.

Rhodes 2

Rhodes, Greece

Most of Rhodes resorts boast amazing sandy beaches, which run almost interrupted around its edge. Tourists can sunbathe at Lindos beneath the ruins of an acropolis, or head to Pefkos. If you really want to get away from it all, there are hidden gems of coves at Kalithea and Kolymbia where you can hide from other tourists.


Riga, Latvia

Riga flaunts the finest, largest collection of art nouveau architecture in the world and visitors to the city can see them all from the top of Saint Peter’s Church tower, which offers a breathtaking view of the entire city. Beer connoisseurs will love Latvia as you can also visit the Old Town to sample the local beer while sitting in quaint outdoor squares.

Salzburg 2

Salzburg, Austria

Austria is one of the most scenic destinations in Europe, and a major tourist attraction for holiday makers wanting to relive those mountain scenes from The Sound of Music and enjoy a breathtaking Alpine break.

San Francisco 2

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is one of America’s most culturally rich cities with plenty for tourists to see and do. Top of the list is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge which has stood since 1937. You can walk along the bridge on one of its sidewalks, or even see the view from the top of the South Tower.

Szczechin 2

Szczecin, Poland

This historic city of Szczecin was founded in the 8th Century, when a stronghold was built on the site of what is now a castle. Filled with parks and broad leafy avenues, the city is often said to resemble Paris. 

Tenerife 2

Tenerife, Canary Islands

The South of Tenerife plays host to the largest concentration of hotels and apartments on the entire island, so you’ll find it easy to secure a place to stay at this popular tourist destination located in the Canary Islands.

Toronto 2

Toronto, Canada

One of the most exciting cities in North America is a whole lot closer with flights from Liverpool to Toronto, via Dublin, with Aer Lingus. Liverpool John Lennon Airport make flying to Canada from the north west of England as easy as can be, so you can start planning that dream trip today.

Verona, Italy

Founded in the 1st century B.C. Verona is steeped in history, and so impressed with the city’s reputation and mythology, Shakespeare created two rather well known plays with Verona as the setting. You may have heard of them – Romeo & Juliet and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Vilnius 699x527

Vilnius, Lithuania

Culture and beauty come together in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, which is packed with things for holidaymakers to see and do.

Warsaw 2

Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw has a diverse cityscape that sees almost every European architectural style and historical period represented, including gothic, renaissance, baroque, neoclassical, social realist and contemporary.

Washington 2

Washington, USA

As you’d expect from a capital city, there’s a lot to keep tourists entertained in DC – not to mention some of the most iconic buildings in the world including the White House, the US Capitol and the US Supreme Court. 

Wroclaw 699x527

Wroclaw, Poland

On the banks of the River Oder, there has been a settlement at Wroclaw since the 6th Century. It’s now the largest city in western Poland and has been awarded both European Capital of Culture and World Book Capital 2016.

Zakynthos 699x527

Zakynthos, Greece

Also known as Zante, Zakynthos is the largest of the Ionian Islands and has had settlers since the Neolithic age. With its hot Mediterranean climate, gorgeous scenery and wide range of activities, it’s a popular destination for tourists.