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Booking Assistance

This is done via the airline you are travelling with, please ensure you book at least 48 hours before your departure, the airline will then notify the airport of your booking. Links for bookings are below:



Once you arrive please make your way to the assistance desk located in the centre of the main terminal. If you require assistance to the terminal then yellow call points are located within the car parks, near to all Accessible bays alternatively you can place a call to the assistance desk by phoning 0151 907 1030

There are yellow call points in the Car parks or you can call 0151 907 1030 between 04:00 - 23:00

Visit the Assistance desk located between the check in and arrival area

Please note that if you haven't pre-booked assistance then please be aware that priority will be given to pre-booked customers and the team will endeavour to assist you as soon as they can. You may have to wait while we help those who have booked in advance. 


Please Click Here for a guide to the assistance available and your journey through the airport and onto your flight.