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Liverpool Airport Limited (LAL) is seeking a provider of security services. The successful bidder will utilise staff that are currently directly employed by Securitas in this service provision. It is anticipated that TUPE (being the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations) will apply.
LAL currently serves approximately 2.4 million departing passengers per annum to a range of destinations, primarily within mainland Europe. Over the next five years, departing passenger numbers are projected to rise to 3 million. LAL regards the quality and efficiency of the security process as being integral to its customer proposition.

Documents referred to in the Contract Notice are included in the page below;

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Contract Notice

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Security Contract Tender

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Security PQQ


12.04.17 Please note in response to queries the PQQ has been amended as per the below email trail.


Sent: 12 April 2017 14:32
Subject: RE: Security Services Contract Pre-qualification Questionnaire - Clarification Request

Good afternoon,


In response to your email we have revised the PQQ and this will be put on the website today


Kind regards,


Sent: 06 April 2017 16:50

Subject: Security Services Contract Pre-qualification Questionnaire - Clarification Request


Good afternoon,


Can I please clarify some aspects of the PQQ response with you. I have some concerns that ‘Part 6 – Pre-qualification Questionnaire’ does not cohere with the information provided in ‘Part 2 Instructions for Applicants’, particularly the information provided in 14 (a)-(d).


For the avoidance of doubt, I have pasted in the relevant section from the PQQ document below:


14   Part 6 is divided into four sections. Applicants are required to provide responses to all Sections. If necessary, LAL reserves the right to require additional information to be produced. Such information will be requested as a post-submission clarification: [need to review once info inserted]

(a)          Section A: Applicant Information 

Applicants should provide details on themselves, their structure as outlined at A1-A6. Tenderers are required to provide a response to all questions.

(b)          Section B: Financial Information

B1: Applicants must provide the information as set out in B1. Failure to provide the information may render the submission non-compliant and may render the Applicant excluded from this process if not provided. LAL will use the information to assess the relative financial strength of the Applicant. 

B2:Pass/Fail criterion. Applicants must either provide confirmation that they meet these minimum mandatory requirements; or, at least provide confirmation that such mandatory requirements are capable of being met upon award of the Contract. 

(c)          Section C: Technical and Financial standing

Applicants must answer all questions set out in this section.  Questions C1-C15 are relevant to the grounds for mandatory and discretionary exclusion as set out in the Regulations. If an Applicant answers ‘Yes’ to any of these questions details must be provided. 

Questions C16-25 are for LAL to assess the Applicant’s capabilities including technical, safety and qualitative. Applicants should answer the questions as specified. 

(d)          Section D: Security Provision

Applicants must answer all questions set out in this section. All questions will be assessed on a pass/fail basis and Applicants are required to provide sufficient supporting information and detail to support their response. 

From my own reading of Part 6, I believe the sections are in fact divided into sections as follows:

  1. Supplier information
  2. Grounds for Mandatory exclusion
  3. Economic Standing
  4. Technical and Professional Ability
  5. Additional PQQ Modules
  6. Declaration
  7. Declaration (sic)


Can you please confirm that the information provided at ‘Part 2 Instructions for Applicants’ and pasted above is therefore incorrect and that the references to questions C1-15 and C16-25 are in error?


Furthermore, can you please confirm that the Selection Methodology provided on pages 8 and 9 are fully accurate to the provided questionnaire provided at Part 6. My concerns here are with respect to part 3.1 a)-d). The questionnaire clearly states at 3.1 that only one of the 4 document-types need to be provided, but the Selection Methodology gives the impression that all 4 should be provided, and that additional marks are given for providing c). Can you please confirm that only one must be provided, as per the wording of the question.


Finally, can you please provide further details on how marks will be awarded for different kinds of contract examples as requested at 4.1-4.5 of the questionnaire. The Selection Methodology gives the impression that marks will only be awarded for contracts ‘of equivalent or greater value to the one proposed by the utility’? Does that mean that if we were to provide 3 contract examples of a value lower than  the estimated 3.5 million per annum, that we would be awarded no marks for this section?


Thank you, for considering these questions and I look forward to your response.


Questions Log

Q1 I cannot see any guidance for company financial standing – is there a minimum financial turnover required please?

A1 There is no minimum financial turnover, guidance on the financial standing is covered in Section 3 Economic Standing and the scoring on page 8. As identified in the scoring methodology, d) is to be provided if the other items in a) – c) cannot be supplied.


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