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At Liverpool Airport, we want to ensure that the Airport and our community is the best place to both work and live in. We can do this by having a positive impact on our neighbours and reducing our environmental emissions. During 2016-17 we're really proud that LJLA, as a business, was able to reduce our waste by 30%. Furthermore, we have saved 4,800 tonnes in CO2 emissions which is a financial saving of £1,096,565.

Extensive work has also taken place throughout the Airport to replace over 3,500 lights bulbs with LED lighting. As of 2017, we have saved 22% on electricity since 2010/11

Alongside work to reduce the impact on the environment as a business, LJLA also carry out a number of other initiatives within our local community such as community clean ups and energy reduction initiatives. We also work with the South Liverpool Foodbank and last year were able to help more than 3,000 residents through this scheme.

Bees with Blackburne House

As part of LJLA's ongoing commitment to the environment and employment within our local community, we have embarked on a beekeeping project delivered through a partnership between South Liverpool Homes, training organisation Blackburne House and Liverpool Airport. The scheme aims to enhance the employability of residents by learning new skills, increasing their health and wellbeing, whilst having a positive impact on their environment.

In 2015, Blackburne House started beekeeping 15 hives on land made available by Liverpool Airport. To date, over 70 young people from 12-24 years, from university level to schoolchildren, have been able to learn and experience beekeeping. Because of this, the scheme has been able to offer Bee Keeping to local schools, colleges, youth organisations and individuals with additional needs. The beekeeping course, which aims to prevent social isolation amongst the South Liverpool community, has enjoyed harvesting their first batch of honey! The majority of honey was sold to local residents at a Christmas Fayre in December organised by South Liverpool Homes. All proceeds were donated to similar beekeeping projects.

Another amazing feat has been the development of a volunteer programme to enable these individuals to continue working around the hives with beekeepers, expanding and stretching their knowledge.

Blackburne House Bees

An inspiring story from this project has been of a student who became so inspired from the conservation work that he has developed a career pathway with the scheme leaders & is currently completing his Level 3 certificate in Education. He is currently shadowing the bee keepers to gain more knowledge and by this time next year, he is hoping to be teaching the bee keeping to other young people.

South Liverpool Foodbank

For a number of years Liverpool Airport has supported local foodbank provider South Liverpool Foodbank. The foodbank project was founded by local churches and community groups, with the aim of stopping hunger in our local area. At LJLA, when passengers pass through Security Screening, the security team confiscate a large number of goods that aren't allowed in carry-on bags, these items are often unopened and nonperishable. Our environment and community team collect these items that would otherwise be thrown out, sort the items into: Water, Juice, Soft Drinks, Food items, Aerosols and Liquids, and donate up to 20 full crates every week to the Foodbank. In addition to our weekly donations, we run two extra appeals each year throughout Christmas and Easter. In 2017 LJLA contributed 5,113kg food and toiletries, a huge 12.5% of all donations the foodbank received (39,698kg) as well as 150kg at Christmas and 20kg at Easter from staff.