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Reykjavik, Iceland

Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri is definitely one of Mother Nature’s phenomenons. From the Golden Circle to the Blue Lagoon and the Northern Lights, there are so many other-worldly sights to be seen in Iceland’s capital.

Alicante direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Alicante, Spain

Sun worshippers will relish the opportunity to plan their Spanish getaway to the Costa Blanca. Alicante is a city and port on Spain’s Costa Blanca that’s been inhabited for over 7,000 years. It’s surrounded by beautiful resorts that are just perfect for anyone wanting to get away from it all.

Amsterdam direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam originated in the 12th Century as a small fishing village. The city’s rich history and status as the cultural capital of the Netherlands has seen the iconic 17th Century canals, as well as the Defence Lines of Amsterdam, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. When you’ve finished sightseeing, you can take advantage of Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife.

Barcelona direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Barcelona, Spain

On the Mediterranean coast and with the Serra de Collserola mountain range to the west, Barcelona was originally established as a Roman military camp in 15 BC and has grown to become Spain’s second largest city, as well as the capital of the country’s Catalan community.

Bacau, Romania

Bacau sits on the Btriţa River at the foothills of the stunning Carpathian Mountains, connected to historic Transylvania by the Ghimeş Pass. One of Romania’s cultural centres, there is a puppet theatre sure to delight big and little kids alike, while music lovers will flock to the Mihail Jora Athenaeum and the Philharmonic Orchestra to take in the sounds of Romania.

Bari, Southern Italy

Bari, Italy

Sitting pretty on the Adriatic coast, Bari is an alternative holiday destination which is full to the brim with culture. Offering endless sightseeing scenes and all the fresh seafood you can wish for, plan your trip to Bari.

Belfast direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Belfast City, United Kingdom

When choosing to fly to Belfast City (BHD) from Liverpool John Lennon airport, make sure you plan ahead as there are many great sights to see, activities to enjoy and nightclubs, restaurants and pubs to visit.

Belfast direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Belfast International, United Kingdom

For those looking to take in Belfast’s rich history, few places in the world have better stories to tell, not to mention a myriad of beautiful views, breath taking landscapes and a nightlife scene that is world renowned.

Bergen direct from Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a remarkable city with a fascinating mix of nature, architecture, food and culture and is a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy