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Fly from Liverpool to Akureyri

Super Break

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  Winter 2018/2019
Friday ✈️ (14th December 2018)
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Iceland has fast become one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe, attracting around 2 million visitors from around the world every year. If you are undecided on where to go next on your travels, Iceland may be the perfect place if you enjoy good food, stunning architecture and some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Book your cheap flights to Akureyri from Liverpool John Lennon Airport today and enjoy one of the world’s cleanest, greenest and safest cities.

Why you should go

Akureyri is definitely one of Mother Nature’s phenomenons. From the Northern Lights to discovering Iceland's Arctic North, there are so many other-worldly sights to be seen that you will have to plan an itinerary before your visit, to ensure you see all that the city has to offer. Aside from these popular tourist attractions, we have a few other suggestions that you absolutely cannot miss out on during your time in Akureyri.

When it comes to the city’s architecture, it’s difficult to know where to begin – browse around the city on foot and you will begin to see the stunning Scandinavian buildings. If you like getting outdoors and exploring, Akureyri is the perfect place to go out walking, cycling, horseback riding, scuba diving and whale watching. If food is your thing, you’re in luck – Akureyri is famous for its unusual cuisine, offering everything from puffin burgers to fermented shark. (Don’t worry – there are plenty of simpler meals on offer too!)

Your Icelandic adventure will be full of exciting ventures from start to finish! It’s impossible to be short of things to do in Akureyri. 

Where you should stay

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Start your Icelandic adventure today and book your flights today from Liverpool to Akureyri today, flying with Super Break.

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