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LJLA at night

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions concerning the Coronavirus pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about your journey through Liverpool John Lennon Airport, click here to see if we can help.

Contact Us

We are always looking to improve the customer experience at Liverpool John Lennon Airport and so welcome any feedback that you may have.

A man and woman booking airport parking prior to their holiday.

How to book airport parking - Liverpool Airport

Pre-booking airport parking can save you money and take away the hassle of having to arrange it on the day of your flight.

Our Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter is in place is to ensure that all customer issues and /or complaints are dealt with as promptly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

Check in

Safety and security

A look at how we keep our passengers safe and secure at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Lost Property

For more information about reporting or finding Lost Property, click here.

Fast Track Family

Travelling With a Family

At Liverpool John Lennon we understand that travelling with a family can be stressful and so we want to ensure that we can make your journey through the airport as smooth as possible so your holiday starts the moment you enter the car park!



Flying drones around LJLA

Drones have been rapidly increasing in popularity over recent months. Make sure you stay safe and fly responsibly. Click here for more information on flying drones near LJLA.

Christmas security message

Flying home for Christmas

Help keep security queues to a minimum this festive season by carefully packing your hand and hold luggage before you fly.

Several cars preparing to park in a multi-storey car park.

How to park in a multi-storey car park - Liverpool Airport

Multi-storey car parks offer the option of security, long-term parking and a wide range of spaces. In this blog, Liverpool Airport explains how they work.

A man and woman paying for airport parking on foot at Liverpool Airport

How much is it to park at Liverpool Airport? - Liverpool Airport

Depending on your budget, you have several options for parking at Liverpool Airport. In this blog, we explain the cost of airport parking.

A man pre-booking airport parking online

When is the best time to book airport parking? - Liverpool Airport

It’s often advisable to pre-book airport parking. In this blog, Liverpool Airport explains the best time to book airport parking.

Car Park

Getting your car ready for airport parking

Worried about your car in long-term parking? Here, Liverpool Airport provides our top tips for leaving your car in a long-term airport parking facility.

LJLA expects 725,000 passengers  over the Summer school holidays

How early should I get to the airport?

Running late for a flight can be a stressful experience. Here, Liverpool Airport explains how early you should arrive before both domestic and international flights.

LJLA Car Park

Is airport parking safe? - Liverpool Airport

Airport parking is typically the most convenient option for your car while you are using an airport. However, are these car parks safe? LJLA investigates.

a woman preparing for a foreign holiday.

How to prepare for a trip abroad - Liverpool Airport

Preparing for a foreign trip can be stressful. Here, LJLA provides top tips, covering everything from checking your passport and booking airport parking.

Cars parked up in a long stay airport car park

How long can you leave your car parked?

You can leave your vehicle in one of our secure airport car parks for a number of weeks. Here, LJLA looks at how to best prep your car for a long stay.

A car in the process of being filled with holiday suitcases

How to pack a car for a holiday - Liverpool Airport

Packing the car in preparation for a holiday abroad can be stressful. Here, LJLA explores the best methods of loading your car ahead of your journey.

A snowman and woman swimming in a tropical pool

Where is warm in winter for holidays? - Liverpool Airport

Looking to escape the harsh UK weather this winter? Here, LJLA provides our ultimate guide to winter getaways. 

Business travellers wheeling their suitcases through an airport

Business travel tips and tricks - Liverpool Airport

Business travel can be tiring and stressful. To make these journeys easier, LJLA offers advice on how to prepare for work trips.

Woman travelling through airport for the first time

Flight tips for first-time flyers - Liverpool Airport

Flying for the first time can be daunting. Here, LJLA offers advice on how to navigate airports and get ready for take off.

Area in baggage reclaim reserved for disabled passengers

How do I book help for a disabled person at an airport? - Liverpool Airport

There is assistance available to disabled passengers travelling through airports. Here, LJLA details the services provided and how to book them.

Information about twilight check-in twilight check-in information

Information for and Jet2holidays passengers using twilight check-in at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

A model plane next to a medical stethoscope

Can you fly with a health condition?

Worried your wellbeing could stop you from travelling by air? Liverpool Airport looks at whether certain health conditions may prevent you from flying.

A child looking out of a plane window

How to prepare children for their first flight | Liverpool Airport

Travelling with little ones can feel daunting. Here, Liverpool Airport provides tips and advice on how you can prepare your child for their first flight.

A suitcase and a variety of travel accessories, including a pair of sunglasses, camera and a sun hat

What type of holiday should I go on? | Liverpool Airport

Keen to book a trip but you’re not sure where to go? Liverpool Airport helps you decide what type of holiday you should head for next.

a tourist sat on a beach with their arm in a cast

Can you fly when injured?

Flying with a broken bone is a grey area. Here, LJLA looks at some common injuries and lets you know what you should do if you are injured before a flight.

a man packing for a business trip

How to Pack for Business Travel

Packing for a business tip can be tricky. Here, Liverpool John Lennon Airport provides our top tips, including that all-important last-minute checklist.

an airline passenger managing her breathing

How to Stay Calm When Flying for the First Time

Flying for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience. Here, LJLA provides our top tips for staying calm when you are on a plane for the first time.

a woman walks towards the departures terminal at an airport

Where to go on summer holiday | Liverpool Airport

Need inspiration for your next destination? Look no further. In this blog, Liverpool Airport gives advice and suggestions for where to go on summer holiday.

A man types on a laptop with holiday and travel items spread over the table

How to prepare for a summer holiday | Liverpool Airport

Want to plan ahead for your next trip? In this article Liverpool Airport explains how to prepare for summer holidays so you don’t have to panic on the day.

A full suitcase ready for a summer holiday

What to pack for a summer holiday

Packing for a summer holiday can be tricky. In this blog, here at LJLA we provide our top packing tips for three popular types of summer vacation.

A woman emptying her pockets at airport security.

What to expect at airport security

Airport security can be a daunting experience for first-time flyers. In this guide, LJLA explains what you can expect when you are at the airport. 

An airport sign showing the way to departure gates and security checkpoints.

How to prepare for airport security

The airport security process can be stressful, especially if you don’t prepare yourself. In this blog, LJLA provides top tips to help you get ready.

A passenger removing a bag of cosmetics from her bag at airport security.

What can I take through airport security?

Working out what items can and cannot be taken through airport security can be tricky. In this blog, LJLA tells you everything you need to know.

A mother soothing a young baby in the cabin of an aeroplane

When is the earliest a baby can fly

Travelling with a baby requires a lot of organisation. In this blog, LJLA looks at how old a baby has to be to fly and what preparation parents need to do.

World Duty Free

What to do at the airport while waiting

Killing time at the airport can be boring. In this guide, LJLA explores the things you can do to keep yourself busy in the departure lounge.

a first class headrest on an aircraft.

Airline Classes Explained

In this guide, we explain what each class looks like. This can help you choose which class you’d like to travel in the next time you have the option!

a passenger listening to calming music during a flight.

How To Cope With A Fear Of Flying

Caused by a range of different factors, a fear of flying can be a real barrier to international travel. However, there are ways to ease and even fully alleviate your fears. In this guide, we take a look at some of these tactics.

A teenage boy walks down the aisle of a plane pulling a suitcase behind him

How old do children have to be to fly alone?

Your child may need to fly alone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help them prepare. Liverpool Airport explains what you need to know about minors flying solo.

A yellow backlit sign with the words ‘duty free’ and an arrow pointing to the right

What is airport duty free?

Duty free shopping is a popular part of any airport experience, but do you know what it means? Here, Liverpool Airport explains everything you need to know.

passengers at airport security placing their belongings into trays

What is fast track security at an airport?

Fast track can improve your airport experience, but what is it? Liverpool Airport explains everything you need to know about this travel extra.

A mother with her two children on a flight, looking at a tablet device

How to keep kids entertained on a plane

Knowing how to keep your kids entertained during a flight can feel like a challenge. Read our boredom busting tips for a smooth plane journey.

 A young boy looking out of a plane window

How to help a child with fear of flying

Like many adults, some kids have a fear of flying. To help ease their concerns so they enjoy their next flight, check out Liverpool Airport’s top tips.

Young tourist wearing a hat and backpack taking in a view of a city in the sun

How to travel abroad for the first time

Travelling abroad for the first time can be exciting and daunting. Settle your nerves and make the most of your trip with Liverpool Airport’s top tips. 

eople in business attire carrying briefcases walking through airport

Travel safety tips for business travellers

Jetting off for a business trip abroad? Knowing how to stay safe on your travels is key. Liverpool Airport provides travel safety tips for business travel.

Airport staff member working at a scanning machine at airport security

Do hearing aids set off airport security?

Wondering if your hearing aids will set off airport security? Find out with Liverpool Airport and learn more about travelling as a deaf or hard of hearing person.

A Guide to Airport Lounges

Airport lounges provide a comfortable and relaxing environment before flights. Find out more about what they offer in this handy guide by Liverpool Airport.

How to Keep Yourself Entertained on a Plane

Air travel may be quick, but unless you plan your entertainment, you might get bored on the plane. Here, Liverpool Airport offers tips to keep you occupied.

What to Wear on a Sightseeing Holiday

Sightseeing trips give you the chance to explore the world. Here, Liverpool Airport offers suggestions on what to wear to make the most of these holidays.

LJLA terminal

Why you should fly out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Skip travel stress on your next trip! Fly from Liverpool John Lennon Airport for a relaxing atmosphere, easy parking, quick security, and luxurious add-ons.