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In celebration of Mother’s Day, Liverpool Airport last week ran a competition with a prize available to the winning entry. That competition invited entrants to apply via Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag “MagnificentMums”.

The competition was subject to identified terms and conditions. It has since been drawn to our attention that those terms and conditions stated that the hashtag “MarvellousMums” should be used to enter the competition instead of the hashtag “MagnificentMums”.

While we appreciate that this may have caused confusion, we would like to reassure competition entrants that Tweets and Facebook posts which tagged Liverpool Airport using either the “MarvellousMums” or “MagnificentMums” hashtags were accepted as eligible entries into the competition (as we were entitled to do under our terms and conditions) and a winner was duly chosen from all eligible entries. Accordingly, no entrants suffered any detriment at all if they only used one of the hashtags and not the other.

We hope the above clarifies any queries our customers may have on our recent Mother’s Day competition. Any further questions can be directed to our Marketing Team at [email protected].