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There are two options when picking up and dropping off passengers in a car at Liverpool John Lennon Airport:

  • The Express Drop Off and Pick Up Car Park (facing the terminal, minimum £3 charge)
  • Drop Off 2 (400m from the Terminal and free for up to 40 minutes)

Scroll down for further information about the drop off options. 


Pick up and drop off map

Express Drop Off and Pick Up Car Park 

The Express Drop Off and Pick Up Car Park is designed for drivers who wish to stop briefly to drop off or collect passengers, close to the terminal building.  There are covered waiting areas for passengers as well as pay on exit technology, where drivers can pay by cash or card without having to leave their vehicle.  



Up to 20 mins


Up to 1 Hour


Up to 2 Hours


Up to 24 Hours


24 Hours + (or part)

£50 per day


Blue Badge holders will be permitted to park in designated bays for free, for a period of up to 40 minutes in this car park. Badge holders simply take their Blue Badge to the Car Park Kiosk located on the ground floor of the Multi Storey Car Park to obtain a validated exit ticket. 

Drop Off 2 Car Park

This car park is designed for drivers who wish to drop off or collect passengers free of charge, a short walk from the terminal building.  The free period in this car park has been increased from 20 minutes to 40 minutes, allowing passengers plenty of time to make the short walk to and from the terminal should they wish to accompany passengers, and still park free of charge.   For periods of stay over 40 minutes better value for money parking is available at the Multi Storey Car Park.



Up to 40 Minutes


40 minutes up to 1 hour


Up to 2 Hours


Up to 24 Hours (or part thereof)

£50 per day

Multi Storey Car Park

The Multi Storey Car Park is the most cost effective options for passengers who wish to park close to the terminal building for longer than of 20 mins. This car park is the recommended option for drivers who are coming to pick up or drop off passengers at the airport and wish to accompany them to or from the terminal building. 



Up to 40 Minutes 


Up to I Hour 


Up to 2 Hours 


Up to 4 Hours


Up to 24 Hours




Q: I am dropping off my family and I want to go into the terminal. Where should I park?

A: If you wish to stay for over 20 mins we recommend you use the short stay car park in the ‘Multi storey car park’ or ‘Drop off 2’

Q: Will there be any changes if I stay beyond 20 minutes?

A: The tariff in the Express Drop Off and Pick Up facility has been increased in order to better manage demand and reduce congestion in this area caused by growing passenger numbers and popularity of products. The increased charge is to encourage more drivers to make use of the other parking areas available. This facility is intended for drivers who wish to stop briefly to drop off or collect passengers closest to the terminal building, however vehicles are remaining in this area for longer than is necessary. The new tariffs will mean that vehicles waiting in this area for over 20 minutes will be better served by the short stay rates available in the Multi Story Car Park

Q: Where is ‘Drop off 2’ and is it far away?

A: “Drop off 2” is signposted on the approach road overhead gantry and is 400 metres from the terminal next to Car Hire and Cheap Parking car parks.  There is pedestrian access and it takes approximately 8 minutes to walk to the terminal building. 

Q: Is there a shuttle bus?

A: No. Unlike many other UK airports, all on site car parks at Liverpool John Lennon Airport are within walking distance of the terminal building, avoiding the need to wait for a shuttle bus.

Q: What if I am a Blue Badge holder?

A: Blue Badge holders will be permitted to park in the accessible bays of the ‘Express Pick Up and Drop off Car park’ for free, for an increased free period up from 30 to 40 minutes. Blue Badge holders take their Blue Badge to the Car Park Kiosk located on the ground floor of the Multi Storey Car Park to obtain a validated exit ticket. Stays beyond 30 minutes revert to the published rates.

Q: What if I am a taxi driver and regularly use the airport to set down / pick up?

A: All standard tariffs apply to Taxi companies and shuttle bus operators wishing to use the ‘Express Drop Off & Pick Up Car Park’ and ‘Drop off 2’,


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