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Liverpool John Lennon Airport working to promote Accessible Travel for all

We work closely with our assistance partner to offer assisted travel from arrival at the airport through to boarding your flight and the same on return. For those who require and seek assistance our partner works closely with our airline partners. Assistance can be requested at the time of booking.

Assistance available covers a wide range on mobility, audio, visual as well as hidden disabilities.  Here at John Lennon Airport, we are here to help and recognise that those with disabilities have expert knowledge when it comes to introducing, delivering and training to assist passengers.

We recognise that many travellers prefer to travel independently. So we would like to thank local and national organisations for their regular input.  

Here are some of the groups we speak to:

Guide Dogs – Have assisted Liverpool Airport to facilitate travel for visually impaired travellers flying to and from Liverpool.

We are  looking forward to welcoming Guide Dogs in training in the coming months, exploring the passenger journey through to boarding aircraft to become familiar with the in cabin experience. In conjunction with our based airline partners


Assistance dogs in training are welcome at the Airport to take part in exercises designed to ensure that they will be suitable to be matched up with future owners. Golden retriever Woody and Labrador Helena spent 20 months learning what it takes to become life-changing guide dogs before being provisionally matched with their future owners, frequent fliers. Woody and Helena embraced their time at Liverpool Airport completing training.  It is vital that the dogs are happy and comfortable with airport procedures and the aircraft environment.

Penny Anderson ( formerly Williams ) Engagement Officer for the charity Guide Dogs said: “At Guide Dogs we want everyone who experiences sight loss to have the freedom to live life the way they choose. Liverpool John Lennon Airport are helping us do this by allowing our dogs to be trained in a way which will let them help their owners travel the world on their own terms. There are almost two million people in the UK living with sight loss, by 2050 this will have doubled, it is therefore so important that we’re able to work together with companies like Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Flybe to enable people with sight loss to confidently explore air travel”.

Irene O’Neilly, 65 from St Helens guide dog owner of Woody said: “The work that Liverpool John Lennon and Flybe are doing with Guide Dogs is absolutely incredible. By allowing Woody, to have this experience before he takes a flight is such a crucial element to his training. I spend a lot of time abroad, and knowing that I can just go, as and when I like, is simply amazing. It’s truly ground breaking”.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport appreciate the assistance of the Guide Dog team who have worked with us to improve the passenger journey with awareness training carried out using aids to simulate reduced visibility and also joining us at Accessibility Forums at the airport.


We are proud to be an Autism Friendly Airport

Autism Together

The Liverpool City region is working towards becoming Autism Friendly. We are proud to have signed up to the Autism Charter in 2014, working with Autism Together and a number of organisations and businesses within our region. Frequent travellers will be aware of our Butterfly Voucher developed as a visual aid to our airport wide colleagues to assist with a smooth journey through the airport when carried . Click Here for Autism Awareness information.

For more information about Autism Together:

We have recently updated the design of our Butterfly voucher, incorporating the Sunflower symbol. The sunflower is recognised at several UK airports as the hidden disability symbol. The Butterfly remains part of the design. The new voucher is avaiable to anyone with a hidden disability.

Each contact and enquiry is offered a personal response in recognition that everyone on the ASD spectrum is an individual. Requests for familiarisation the customer journey prior to travel can also be facilitated by emailing the airport at [email protected] in advance of planned travel (subject to colleague availability).

As founder members of signed up to the Autism Charter in our region, we joined the Chamber of Commerce, Andy Burnham and members of the Business community in Liverpool on the 1st April 2016 to support the launch event for the City of Liverpool to become an Autism Friendly City.  We were finalist at the Rose Gold Ball as Autism Champions of Champions alongside Everton Football Club and the Tate Liverpool. We feature in the video.

The Brain Charity  

The Brain Charity team have visited the airport to raise awareness of hidden disabilities and to look at the passenger journey with a view to assisting groups or individuals they work with.

Surf Dementia Awareness   

We are supporting Dementia Friendly Transport working with Life Story Network, SURF and Dementia Friends. More recently we have been working with the Dementia Action Alliance and Liverpool City Council to promote Dementia Friendly Travel, not only through Liverpool Airport, but also across our city region. This press realease was issued recently:

Come (Butter)fly with me - Passengers with ‘hidden disabilities’ get a new-look passport to the skies 

THOUSANDS of travellers with ‘hidden disabilities’ have cruised through Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJL) in safety and comfort and it’s all thanks to the butterfly effect.   In 2015, the airport, which is part-owned by Liverpool City Council, introduced the Butterfly Voucher to assist passengers with conditions such as autism and dementia.   The system allows passengers who may need support in passing through the airport to carry a discreet butterfly flyer. Once shown to airport staff they provide help through all stages of the airport process, from check-in to boarding. The Butterfly has helped 2,000 individuals and families to pass through the airport each year.

Now the hugely successful scheme has been given a brand new look to include the Sunflower logo, which is rapidly becoming the umbrella symbol for hidden disabilities.

Pat Broster, who chairs the transport group for the Liverpool Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), welcomed the move.

Pat said: “This scheme will provide people living with dementia and their carers the assurances and confidence of being supported by airport staff when travelling through the airport.  LJL Airport committed to work with the Liverpool DAA transport group to contribute to Liverpool becoming s dementia friendly city.”

“As a key transport hub for Liverpool they have recognised the benefits of supporting dementia friendly travel, not only not only to residents travelling out of the city but also supporting the increasing number of tourists to our city.”

Since LJLA introduced the scheme, other airports across the country have followed suit offering similar support schemes using wristbands or lanyards.

Earlier this year, the Civil Aviation Authority issued official guidance entitled ‘Supporting people with hidden disabilities at UK airports’.

Liverpool City Council’s Mayoral Lead for Older People (South), Cllr Jeremy Wolfson, was on hand recently at the launch of the new look Butterfly Voucher.

Cllr Wolfson said: “Navigating your way through a busy international airport can be a daunting prospect for anyone, so it is vitally important that people with hidden disabilities, who may find this type of environment challenging are given the extra assistance they need.

“It is clear that Liverpool John Lennon Airport is committed to raising awareness about dementia and other hidden disabilities and are doing all they can to provide the best experience for everyone who passes through.

“What is particularly pleasing is that the Butterfly Voucher scheme has become a beacon of good practice which others have taken on board.”

Our team will talk to groups of health professionals, individuals, families and carers on or off site. We recently spoke about the Customer Journey, assisted travel and what to expect at the airport at a SURF meeting followed up with an airport visit during Dementia Week. We can be contacted to arrange visits on request.

Spinal Injury Assistance

The Southport & Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust reviewed our facilities to be able to share their recommendations with patients and medical personnel. Visits will continue from time to time with participants who are recuperating from treatment.

Lourdes Pilgrimage Flights

Operate from Liverpool annually in May and July. Support from Friends of Liverpool Airport (FoLA), a team of volunteers help to make the trip unforgettable in terms of customer experience assisting the elderly and infirm. Here are some of our shining stars from 2018


Stomawise UK - Assisting Ostomy users with their passenger journey at LJLA

We are pleased to be working closely with Stomawise UK and to have recently become the first airport to be awarded ‘Ostomy Friendly Airport’.

Many Ostomy users ( those with Ileostomy and Colostomy bags ) don’t fly because of the difficulties they will have. Myths include ‘not being able to pass through security because the ostomy bag may contain more than 100mls of fluid’ and ‘a physical search could dislodge the bag’. Visits to the airport included meeting with the PRM assistance team, passing through the security screening process and talking to cabin crew in the cabin of an easyJet aircraft.

The following adjustments will help Ostomy users feel more confident travelling through Liverpool Airport:

  • A booklet of advice for travellers to include hints & tips based on the processes at Liverpool Airport. To be issued in conjunction with Stomawise.
  • Our very own Ostobears will take up residence in the Private search facility at the security search area private search room. Ostobear has an ostomy bag and JLA logo-ed t-shirt. Young travellers will feel reassured seeing Ostobear if they are selected for search.
  • Stomawise and the Security training team have looked at the screening process to understand an Ostomy user’s perspective. Information will be used in the training and retraining of agents.
  • Text has been provided to feature on the Stomawise site to provide useful information when travelling through the airport to be updated shortly.
  • We also have several current mentions on their Facebook page:

Warrington BSL Choir

Warrington BSL Choir perform throughout the year within the airport terminal raising awareness of British Sign Language through their renditions of popular themes. The choir are one of several groups who visit; some take a guided tour of our facilities. Partner airline easyJet joined the choir recently in recognition of the value of the work done by the choir.

Manx Breast Cancer Support Charity

Located in the Upper Retail level near to the Prayer room, the Manx Breast Cancer Support Charity has worked with us to develop a Quiet Space.  The Quiet Space is equipped with a flight information screen and tv in subtitle mode for those travellers wishing to wait in a tranquil area away from the hustle and bustle of the main departure lounges.

We ask that all users respect this as an area of calm


Accessibility Forums, Visits and Meetings

We hold accessibility forums, details of future events will be published on our website. Annual events are attended by individuals and groups.  Meetings and familiarisation visits and airport tours are bookable on request. 

We meet regularly with groups and organisations on request and will shortly be launching an Accessibility  Committee. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be involved 


Members of a number of organisations following an terminal and cabin familiarisation recently.