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The aim and objective of the Complaints policy is to ensure that all customer issues and /or complaints are dealt with as promptly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

We ensure that our customers have one point of contact when dealing with their complaint from start to completion, thereby ensuring a swift and trouble free resolution.

The Airport Customer Services Executive is the dedicated person to oversee the customer complaints management process and has the autonomy on the overall decision of the issue/complaint.

  • All complaints will be taken seriously and the resolution of these will be prompt.
  • All written complaints (email, letter, via webmail) will have an acknowledgement sent within 1 working day of receipt.
  • Complaints received via social media (twitter and Facebook) will be acknowledged within an hour or receipt.
  • We will endeavour to resolve all complaints and close them within 15 working days maximum.
  • The customer will be notified every 7 days after the complaint has been opened.
  • In the event where the complaint needs to remain open for longer than 15 days to ensure a satisfactory conclusion, the customer will be given a guideline as to when the complaint will be closed.
  • All complaints and issues are logged to ensure a robust audit trail is maintained.
  • Complaints and issues will be logged within 1 day of receipt with the exception of weekend and Bank Holidays.
  • Upon conclusion of a complaint the customer will receive appropriate communication to conclude the process, for example a letter, email, or in some cases verbal communication.
  • If a complaint is rejected a complaint closure letter will be sent to the customer.
  • If compensation is paid out a letter will be sent to the customer for the customer to sign and acknowledge receipt of compensation.

If the customer is dissatisfied with the resolution they have the right of appeal to the Customer Experience Lead within the LJLA Executive Management Team.

How you can help us

We understand how frustrating it can be when things don’t go to plan, whether you’re going on holiday or travelling for a business trip. We do our best to resolve all complaints satisfactorily, but there are things you can do to help us out and speed up the process.

Where possible, all complaints should:

  • Contain full and accurate details of dates, times and locations relating to your grievance
  • Include photos, video footage or documents relevant to the complaint
  • Explain the issue as clearly as possible 
  • State your name and contact details so we can get in touch with a resolution

While we always aim to respond to all complaints, we may be unable to help you if you omit details of how we can contact you. Additionally, we may be unable to resolve your complaint if you cannot provide us with sufficient information during the complaints process.

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