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• Ability to communicate with staff and customers alike.
• Self-motivated and flexible.
• Caring and thoughtful personality, able to communicate with a variety of passengers.

• Good level of secondary school education.
• Customer service experience.
•  Previous Airport experience is an advantage but not essential.

• Must be able to lift passengers in accordance with manual handling guidelines.

• To carry out all tasks willingly and safely to the best of your ability.
• To work as part of a team and treat each member of that team and all other OCS staff, clients (PRM’s & their escorts, Airline Reps, Airport Reps), visitors and contractors with civility and respect at all times.
• You are responsible for your own time keeping records and should follow the procedure for signing in/out, clocking in/out or swiping in/out.
• The company will issue PPE free of charge and all items of PPE issued to you must be carefully stored and maintained. Any defects in any issued PPE should be advised to your line manager immediately.
• Ensure that the OCS safety image is reflected positively through your actions.
• Ensure that you have received the necessary training so that you can competently carry out your duties and responsibilities. 
• Take responsibility for reviewing the safe system of work prior to the commencement of the work activity. Acknowledge and accept a personal responsibility for safety.
• Take responsibility for ensuring that vehicles (Ambi Lifts & Minibus’s) and equipment is maintained and fit for purpose.
• Raise any concerns over Health & Safety breaches in accordance with Company Procedure ie; Near Misses.
• To complete job allocation Dockets or use a handheld device (PDA) as your site dictates.
• To marshal vehicles onto / off aircraft.
• To ensure wheelchairs are collected from around the Terminals and car parks etc, and placed at designated storage areas both Airside and Landside.

• To assist a PRM from an agreed meeting point (ie train station, bus station, car park, Help Point), further assisting them through Airport Security Search into the Terminal Departure Lounge and then to board the aircraft. 
• To collect the PRM from the aircraft.
• To then assist them;
o through Immigration Control ensuring the PRM and those escorting them have the relevant documentation ie; passport, Landing Cards etc, including Transfer PRM’s. 
o into the Luggage Reclaim Hall, assisting with the handling of & reclamation of their luggage.
o and their luggage through H M Customs (ensuring the PRM and those escorting them chose the channel they wish to exit through ie; RED, GREEN, BLUE).
o onwards to car parks, train and bus stations, hotels on Airport only if required to do so.

• To assist Passengers with Reduced Mobility from arrival on Airport onto Aircraft and vice versa.
• To present PRM’s to inbound Immigration Control Authorities, assist with their hand luggage & baggage, assisting in the process to clear H M Customs.
• To act as a Banksman, marshalling vehicles on/off aircraft.
• Health & Safety Purpose: To take a direct interest in the health and safety of yourself and others who may be affected by your work activities.

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